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COVID Career Chaos - Part 1

Updated: Feb 17

Was your job affected by the COVID-19 pandemic? If so, what was the impact on your life?

I saw a lot of changes during my 12.5 years working remotely for a company that shall not be named. Some of those changes rattled me to my core. I feared losing my job about two years ago. Yet, the department I worked in saw an increase in responsibilities. They continued to hire new staff. I finally felt job security again.

There were many impromptu meetings every week. I thought nothing of a meeting invite one morning when accepting it. I didn't even take note of everyone invited. I was very busy on this particular morning in June 2020. I was working on many projects, including two difficult customers.

When the meeting started, I realized the attendees were all from one region. I also found it curious that someone from Human Resources was in attendance. I don't even remember the exact words that the department director uttered. We were all laid off and were not expected to complete the day. Shocked, my head fell into my hands and I disabled my camera.

Before saving important information, what did I do? I took the time to note the difficult cases I had been working on for some time. I then assigned them to my supervisor and followed up with an email to inform them that I'd done so. Being an advocate with a strong work ethic, I cared about the continued handling of my cases. I wondered what became of those cases for several weeks after that.

Almost three hours later, and way past my normal lunch break, I shut everything down. Only then did the tears come. I planned on working there until retirement. I'm getting closer but not close enough to retirement to throw in the towel. The next day, I cleared my home office desk of everything work-related. I also boxed up all company-branded apparel that I possessed. I was not going to be a walking advertisement for them.

I understand they have to recover from lost profit caused by the pandemic. It's hard not to be bitter. They let go of many long-time employees then hired interns and new graduates at much lower to no wages.

The plan? Take some time to mourn, and go on a vacation I had planned since last February. Then focus on finding another job in a competitive job market.

Next up: Resumes, Career Coaching, and Applications

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