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COVID Career Chaos - Part 3

Job offer brings new anxiety

I accepted a job offer from my number one targeted company shortly into the new year. I was (still am) excited, yet there was new anxiety creeping in. A new job where I don't know anyone. A new job with new systems to learn. A new job with a near 40% higher salary than my previous job! A new job that's a salaried position, not hourly. So much newness!

Everyone was congratulating me, and it felt strange that my level of excitement and celebration wasn't as high as theirs. My jitters weren't warranted though. Employees are happy at this company. They're valued and well-compensated. They have a culture of caring.

Appreciating past experience

I can now express my sincere appreciation to my former employer and all of the mentors I had there. I hoped I would get to this point. My experience there helped get me where I am today. If it weren't for the layoff, I would still be making the same amount with small annual raises and no opportunity for advancement. I have a hard time letting go of things, but it seems my layoff turned out to be a good thing.

Don't give up

It's a very tough market out there right now. Don't lose hope. Keep applying and interviewing and applying some more. Don't let rejections wear you down. As much as I hated hearing this, I now believe it. The right job for you is out there somewhere. You will find it when the time is right.

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