• Stella-Loo

Pandemic Waistline

Are your "office" clothes a bit snug these days?

Lack of exercise, ordering delivery from restaurants, and even the general stress of the pandemic overall are all contributors. Stress in general increases the level of cortisol in your body, which can lead to high blood pressure and obesity. Learn more here.

Are you working from home due to the pandemic?

Take a walk on your lunch break. Get up and move during your other breaks. If weather is an issue, walk up and down stairs or work on minimizing the stuff in your house. I know! The thought of this is overwhelming. Just remember that you didn't accumulate everything in your house in a day, so don't expect to get rid of a lot in a day. Try the 30-day minimalism game. I'm going to try it!

Did you lose your job due to COVID?

I did! Try to develop a new routine. Make a daily schedule and stick to it. Trying to find a new job can be a full-time job. After a short time of mourning, get off the couch, put on something other than pajamas or sweats, and make a plan. Be sure to take a break for lunch and smaller breaks in between job-search activities just as if you were still employed. Try to schedule time to get things done around the house that you normally don't get a chance to do while working 40 or more hours per week. Tackle those projects you've been wanting to get done.

Are you ordering delivery more than once per week?

Stop that! It's better to spend a grocery delivery fee and cook your own meals. If you order grocery pickup, you can save fees entirely. Many grocery chains are waiving pickup fees during the stay-home recommendations. Consider signing up for a meal kit delivery service like HelloFresh. There are deals that make trying the service worth it. Get $70 off when you sign up. There's no minimum order requirement, and you can skip weeks any time.

I've learned some tricks and have been cooking more on my own now too. I've cut my use of DoorDash by a lot and am cooking healthier meals now. My biggest takeaway so far is that I need to learn to make a variety of sauces. Sauces break the monotony of eating the same meats over and over.

Do you have any tips for reducing pandemic waistlines? Share in comments below. I'd love to hear more ideas!